XTR SERIES: As thin as your flat panel TV, with extra ordinary sound.

With todays TVs getting thinner and thinner,  leading US brand Definitive Technology have answered back with the XTR line of speakers to match.   Only 1.5 inches thick, you can mount them along side your new 65″  Plasma or LED TV, and not have to give up any extra space for clunky speakers.  The series includes the popular XTR50 model LCR, as well as the bipolar XTR20BP surround speaker, and the category leading XTR5 surround sound speaker bar.

You won`t have to look far for that slim speaker solution.  Liptons has the speakers for you, the XTR series from Definitive Technology.

Models Include: XTR20BP, XTR40, XTR50, XTR60, XTR-SSA5, XTR-SSA3

On Display at Liptons:  XTR50,  XTR-SSA5