October @Liptons AVU

Liptons AVU October

Liptons AVU October

Check out the October edition of our brand new virtual flyer!  Not sure how to get sound into your home? we are experts in getting audio into any space. We can set up your home with sound in every room, even the bathroom, so you can take your shower opera to the next level. Wired or wireless, you have options when you choose the experts.

Have understanding neighbours? We can also wire your yard to host BBQs that will go down in legend (and there’s just enough time left in the season to enjoy that). Our experts can get you plugged in and working at full speed.

Click the link and read for yourself, then come by and see the pros at LIPTONS today! 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON.



  1. Tony Kupina

    Hello! I’ve gone through the flyer twice but do not see any mini systems. I was hoping the Denon DM40 might be on sale.


    • lindsay

      The Denon DM40 system is regularly $640.00 complete with the two speakers.
      We have had it on special over the holiday season for $598.
      That will continue till Jan 14th.


      Sales Dept.

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